Summit Bicycles - Premier Sponsor

Summit Bicycles is committed to the highest level of quality and value in service, repair, selection of bicycles and accessories in the San Francisco Bay Area. We do not carry everything – just the best values!

Summit is a long time supporter of the Burlingame Criterium and Ryan's Ride.

Skaates Inc - Premier Sponsor

Our Mission
Skaates Inc. is dedicated to providing quality installations and superior customer service that reflects a an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Company Profile
Skaates Inc. has distinguished itself for over 20 years as the premier installer of plumbing and hydronics in the San Francisco bay area. In that time, we have built a reputation on superior customer service and outstanding trade knowledge. Our technicians are trained to the most rigorous industry standards and kept appraised of industry and product innovations. As a full service plumbing and hydronics contractor we are one of the few providers that can meet all your plumbing and hydronics requirements.

Skaates Inc. is a licensed California Plumbing Contractor and a member of the Radiant Panel Association serving the heating and cooling industry.

BNB - Premier Sponsor

BNBuilders builds better solutions for our clients with energy and enthusiasm. We are a full-service General Contractor providing preconstruction and construction services.

BNBuilders was established in the year 2000 by two construction veterans, Brad Bastian and Jeff Nielsen. Our mission established from the onset has not changed - deliver on our promise to be a great builder. BNBuilders hires the very best in the construction industry and creates an environment that encourages innovation, responsibility, and client satisfaction.

Since the company was founded, we have experienced measured growth resulting in annual volume of $300 million, 200+ employees, and a presence in the Washington, California, Oregon, and Montana construction markets - establishing BNBuilders as a leader for the West Coast.

The energy and enthusiasm we instill in our teams and on our projects has resulted in a solid base of clients that ask us to build for them again and again. Currently, over 70% of our workload is represented by repeat business.

Pearl Izumi - Premier Sponsor

As we enter our 60th year or Kanreki, a time of reflection and rejuvenation, the mission of Pearl Izumi remains unchanged. From the Colorado Front Range and the Black Forest of Germany, and together with our sister company Pearl Izumi, Japan, we continue to drive evolution, revolution and change in the design and construction of performance apparel and footware for athletes who depend on uncompromising gear.

Rubios - Partner Sponsor

After first tasting a fish taco in San Felipe, Mexico, Ralph Rubio returned to San Diego to hand-craft his own recipe and introduced America to the fish taco. Since 1983, Rubio's has served delicious fish tacos and fresh Mexican food for customers. Visit one of our restaurants today and enjoy a fish taco or sign up for the Rubio's Beach Club for insider news and restaurant coupons.

Phase3 - Partner Sponsor

Phase 3 Nutrition™ was created by competitive athletes dedicated to helping others reach their athletic potential. Whether you are a beginner, a master’s athlete or compete at the elite or professional level, our thoroughly researched and highly advanced formulations are designed to elicit physiological adaptations beyond what training and diet can do alone.

Masters Athletes
Master’s athletes are a large and growing segment within endurance sports. In fact, 2/3 of all USA Triathlon members are 40+ years old. Endurance training and competition is clearly a great way to stay fit and remain active as we age. While we strive to continue to go faster and keep young, we are always fighting an uphill battle – aging takes it’s toll. Studies have shown that endurance performance potential peaks at about 35 years of age and steadily declines as we get older. Performance then takes a significant dive when we hit the 50-60 age range.

One of the primary reasons for the drop in endurance performance as we age is the inability to train as hard and as long. We simply don’t have the ability to recover the way we used to. So, we train less, with less intensity, and without the training stimulus needed to reach the level of fitness we used to have.

Master’s Endurance™ can help you train the way you did when you were younger. The adaptogens Rhodioa Rosea and Cordyceps Sinensis in Master’s Endurance™ have been studied for their ability to combat stress, which is what our bodies perceive as training volume and intensity. You will not find another endurance supplement on the market with a higher concentration or larger dose of these two adaptogens than Master’s Endurance. Master’s Endurance also has Beta Alanine – known for its ability to increase power output in the high intensity range of aerobic metabolism (1-2 minute efforts).

Whether you are a Master’s athlete or an athlete of any age with the desire to improve your performance in endurance sports, Master’s Endurance can help you achieve your personal best.

Emanuel Law Group - Partner Sponsor

Led by managing partner Todd Emanuel, ELG's trial lawyers skillfully represent cyclists who are injured or killed as a result of negligent motor vehicle drivers, product manufacturers, and entities that fail to safely design or maintain our roads and highways. ELG provides legal advice on preventing and insuring against injuries and how to best preserve evidence when an incident occurs, as well as expert litigation when and if necessary, to maximize compensation after a tragic event. Todd has been named as a Northern California "Superlawyer" 4 years in a row for his exceptional representation of injury victims.

Excelsior Roofing Co. - Associate Sponsor

Excelsior Roofing Co., located in San Francisco, California, is the oldest and most experienced roofing company in San Francisco. We have provided our community with professional and reliable roofing services for more than 100 years! We are committed to offering homeowners and businesses the best quality, service and price for their roofing needs.

Each Excelsior Roofing Co. project is custom-designed to meet our clients' individual needs, and all of our materials and products are of the highest quality. Our employees are all trained in various roofing applications and safety standards.

When you need roofing services, look no further than Excelsior Roofing Co.. We are waiting for your business!

Spiteri's Complete Auto Service - Associate Sponsor

Spiteri's Auto Service recognizes that auto repairs can be costly. But, we believe you are paying for the best service available at our facility. Spiteri's technicians are ASE certified and the facility has earned the prestigious “Blue Seal of Excellence” as a result. Technicians are also trained in electrical repair equipment, hybrid service and computer diagnostics. Our facility is AAA rated and a member of the San Mateo Better Business Bureau, the Belmont Chamber of Commerce, and the Foster City Chamber of Commerce. We have won numerous awards by readers' of our local Peninsula newspapers; including over 15 years of San Mateo Times “Best Of”.

Our facility has also won “Best Tire Dealer”; not only do we sell Michelin, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal and many more brands, we also repair and maintain your tires which include balancing, rotation and flat repair.

We are proud to have one of the cleanest auto repair shops in the county; striving to keep the building clean, painted and maintained. There is a separate waiting area for our customers; who can wait comfortably for their vehicles while reading, watching TV, using our wireless internet and having a cup of coffee. There is even a small kiddie table with activities to keep the little ones busy when you bring them along.

Chuck and Sam are involved in their community, the Chamber of Commerce and in their automotive service field as members of the Automotive Service Council. Spiteri’s Auto Service has been both AAA approved and A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau for over 20 years.

For your next automotive needs, come to a clean, professional atmosphere, where you can trust that you are receiving good, old-fashioned service by someone who cares... Come to Spiteri's.

Rudy Project - Associate Sponsor

Rudy Project is worldwide brand leader in hi-tech sunglasses, goggles, helmets and accessories. Using science, advanced materials, and computer technology, Rudy Project creates functional, aesthetically superior, and technologically advanced products. Over the years, Rudy Project has been a champion of sponsoring and supporting athletes at every level of competition. And for that, our club is very grateful, having been long sponsored by Rudy Project. Do look over these very cool products at www.e-rudy.com.

Clif Bar - Associate Sponsor

Clif Bar and company started on a bike ride. Our founder,Gary, took a bite of another energy bar and thought to himself: "I could make a better bar than this."

Today, we still want to make things better. Our food. Our company. Even our planet.

We'll keep working on it.

Ritchey Design - Associate Sponsor

Ritchey Design is recognized around the world as one of the cycling industry’s premier innovators of high-quality bicycle components. Formed in 1974 by Tom Ritchey, the company actively designs a steady stream of new products, while constantly improving upon existing components, refining their lightness and durability with untiring drive, we call it; ‘relentless innovation.’ Modern day enthusiasts are very knowledgeable about their choices in the parts upgrade quest, Ritchey strives to be their very first choice.

Equinox - Associate Sponsor

Personal Training is more than a series of one-on-one sessions. At Equinox, Personal Training is a physical, psychological and emotional experience where you first increase your level of base conditioning before progressing to increase physical and cognitive skills.

Special pricing is available to PV members, please contact the Sponsorship Director for more details.

SRAM - Associate Sponsor

Incremental enhancements. Perpetual improvements. Revolutionary Innovation. When advancements are continuously made to every attribute of every component, the result is overall performance that is simply second to none. And to real cycling enthusiasts, there is nothing more gratifying then achieving the ultimate ride. And the best part is we just keep making it better.

This is what SRAM is all about. Sure, a casual rider will appreciate solid performance, reliability, dependability and all the standard qualities one would expect. But it's the riders who live and breathe bicycles who love us most because bicycles are what we love, too. In fact, they're our only love.

Sram's Grassroots sponsorship has allowed Peninsula Velo to participate in a special pricing offer on their line of products. Two group buys per year will be held annually.

TRP - Associate Sponsor

TRP was founded on the idea of building the highest quality braking systems available in the bicycle industry. TRP Brakes are designed for superior levels of performance and durability achieved through the use of advanced production techniques, accurate processing and meticulous quality control. By using exotic materials such as Carbon Fiber, Titanium and TT6 Aluminum, TRP brakes set a new industry standard for lightweight and precise control. TRP brakes are extensively tested for reliability and safety on and off-road, and in the laboratory - by a company with more than 20 years experience designing and manufacturing bicycle brake systems.

Group buys occur semi-annually with one in the Spring and one in the late Summer.

Showers Pass - Associate Sponsor

The best windproof-waterproof cycling gear anywhere! Designed by cyclists in the Pacific Northwest where rain, wind and cold is the environment, Showers Pass cycling gear is technically engineered for racers, commuters, messengers and everyday cycling enthusiasts. Inspired by challenging rides and weather of northern California's mountainous Showers Pass Road, we have been making technical cycling jackets since 1997 combining superior fabrics with optimal ventilation.

Sinclair Imports - Associate Sponsor

Sinclair Imports is the exclusive US dealer for Argon 18, Stevens, and SpiderTech. We also are proud to carry the finest bike parts and accessories from Campagnolo, Shimano, Sram, FSA, Michelin, Challenge and many more.

WheelBuilder.com - Associate Sponsor

Our goal is to provide extremely high quality products and services through careful quality control and parts selection. Every wheel, whether hand built by us or factory purchased goes through a rigorous measurement, inspection, and adjustment process.

Wheelbuilder values honesty and integrity and everyone here has extreme pride in our workmanship. The emphasis at every level of Wheelbuilder is passion and heart for the work performed. Our workplace is a fun environment with a friendly, dedicated, proactive staff. Standardization of the production process has promoted methodology and teamwork, which achieves extraordinarily consistent results.

Patagonia - Associate Sponsor

Patagonia grew out of a small company that made tools for climbers. Alpinism remains at the heart of a worldwide business that still makes clothes for climbing – as well as for skiing, snowboarding, surfing, fly fishing, paddling and trail running. These are all silent sports. None requires a motor; none delivers the cheers of a crowd. In each sport, reward comes in the form of hard-won grace and moments of connection between us and nature.

Our values reflect those of a business started by a band of climbers and surfers, and the minimalist style they promoted. The approach we take towards product design demonstrates a bias for simplicity and utility.

We know that our business activity – from lighting stores to dyeing shirts – creates pollution as a by-product. So we work steadily to reduce those harms. We use recycled polyester in many of our clothes and only organic, rather than pesticide-intensive, cotton.

Staying true to our core values during thirty-plus years in business has helped us create a company we're proud to run and work for. And our focus on making the best products possible has brought us success in the marketplace.

Legacy Partners - Associate Sponsor

Legacy Partners is a leading vertically integrated real estate investment manager, owner and operator, with a comprehensive portfolio of commercial and residential assets in the western United States. With a background spanning more than 44 years and a stable, committed team who live, work and specialize in our core markets, Legacy provides its investors, partners, tenants and residents with the depth of experience, speed of execution and transparency to create superior value.

Customers trust that Legacy Partners will take care of them. For more than four decades, we’ve proven it—in all market conditions.

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