Bob Wong Memorial Ride
December 17, 2005

Riders at the Bob Wong Memorial ride

Day at the Track
October 30, 2005

Shaun Baesman and Geo Kitta

Nelson and the Hot Bike

Randy Smith and Rich Perkin

Nick Harter (a real Trackie)
and Patrice Gagnon

Jeff Pallin, another of
PV's Track riders

Randy, Rich and Cory

Markus Roccaro

Clark leads his group

The Fast Guys

Kevin Kone leading

Clark and Rich

Andrew Demas and Shaun
in front

Rob, Markus and
Rick Delgado

Jeff and Rob leading
their pacelines

Jeff and Nick lead
around turn four

Markus, Nick, Jeff
and Patrice

Cougar Mountain Classic

Bay Area Super Prestige
Cyclocross race #2

Cougar Mountain Classic Podium
Dan Lindblom 1st Place
Dave Schaefer 3rd Place

BASP #2 - 45+ B Podium
Jeff Crofton 1st Place
Erik Salander 2nd Place

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